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Robots That Can Have Babies Could Be Available Soon (Culturehook)

What’s our world becoming. I’m sorry, there’s millions of born children that already need homes. We shouldn’t factory farm kids.

Scientist Says Robots Might Produce Human Babies Soon Cole Damon January 3rd 2018 Science Now this is taking technology and blind hopes of optimism too far. A sex robot designer - who can be seen eagerly hugging one of his lifeless sex dolls - claims that it won't be too soon before these monstrous machinations would actually be able to give birth to humans. What in the world is this guy smoking? It is clinically impossible to be this stupid right? The man is serious! One would think that someone with the technical acuity to create an artificially intelligent robot (armed with an actual g spot) would know better than to spew such nonsense right?

But apparently this man is deadly serious. His grand plan The Spanish scientist claims that he's figured out a way to artificially inseminate a HUMAN baby in one of his robots. So apart from satisfying the absurd fetishes of their owners, his sex dolls will also provide them with babies. Meet his doll, Samantha Meet Samantha, the 7-stone sex robot which comes complete with eight different programs (each man his own unique fetish right?) and the ability to make "ultra realistic" orgasm sounds. We wonder which soundboard he used for those sounds.

The future belongs to sex dolls Sergi tells of a utopian future where man and doll will walk arm in arm and actually be able to get married. The sex robot will look into the eyes of her lustful man and say, "I Do" when the priest pops the question. Guy has a great vision The scientist from Barcelona thinks big. "... before they know it, these sex robots will be doing their jobs, marrying their children, their grandchildren and even their friends..." Does this message have incestual overtones? Please leave the grand children out of this man! He creates the robots in his dungeon Sergi creates each of these dolls with his own hands. Everything is custom made.

He even proceeds to have sex with them *coughcough rape them coughcough* afterwards. After he's assured of their sexual abilities, the man sells the used dolls to an unwitting buyer. Risk to humanity Perhaps to poke fun at the outlandish concept, one journalist asked Sergi if the human-robot hybrid child will pose a risk to humanity. The guy actually replied, "It's not a risk yet" His delusional grandeur baffles us! His grand scheme The man's grand plan is to come up with a 3D 'incubator' for children. After he's done inseminating his robot, an algorithm 'inside of her' will create a 3D concept of his child and the doll will print it. Now that is news to our ears.

Mr Santos actually has a real wife for 16 years. And she supports her husband by designing prototypes. Ms Maritsa Kissamitaky (that's her real name) has no problems when her husband proceeds to have sex with his dolls. The sex robot improves their sex life Ms Kissamitaky claims that regular intercourse with the robot has actually improved her sexual life with Sergi Santos. Hey if she has no problems with it, neither do we. We shudder at the thought of judging their fetishes, despite how bizarre it may sound. Man's relationship with robots from a fictional perspective Man's relationship with AI, from a sexual perspective has been explored in movies, novels and video games.

The most popular example of this is Mass Effect 3. One of the three endings in the game leaves humans and robots having been merged into a harmony of organic-synthetic beings. Rick and Morty also explores this idea Rick and Morty has explored this concept not once but twice. One time Rick purchased a sex doll for Morty who was shocked to find that his doll gave birth to a bizarre alien son with a violent persona. "Keep Summer Safe" In the episode called "Ricks Must be Crazy", Rick and Morty ask Summer to stay in the ship.

The ship actually has amazing self defense abilities and when a hostile army approached to confront Summer, the ship created a fake child to wage psychological warfare over the army. Japan's sex doll industry When it comes to sex, Japan always manages to take things one notch above everybody else. Owners have frequent 'love affairs' with their dolls and even shell out big bucks to use them in brothels. There are more than 50 different brands of dolls on sale! Dolls and humans don't mix We strongly believe that dolls and humans don't mix and there might be undiscovered nasty negative health effects which haven't been surfaced yet.

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