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Alty 💕

Flat earthers, antivaxxers and chemtrail theorists are basically all those kids who were jealous of the nerds for being good at school, but too lazy to do something about it and actually start studying.

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United Kingdom, London
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I like that theory
Alty 💕投稿者
I've just seen a clip from an Italian TV show where they interviewed flat earthers during a meeting. It was clear that none of them had even the most basic cultural knowledge. They spoke poor Italian. They lacked the basics of physics. They had hardly ever travelled or key anyone with a different cultural background than them. They said Australia does not exist 😂😂😂 When asked about Darwin's theory of evolution, one of them told the TV host: have you ever been fishing? They say that we all came from the water, right? So take a fish and put it on the ground and see how long it takes before it develops legs to escape from you.
Alty 💕投稿者
Escape, oh, and dinosaurs didn't exist. Those were bones of giants. That's why the doors of old churches are so big. They were built for giants.
Mich Millner (puhn)
That’s probably not completely wrong. I see that here daily, people are extremely uneducated and for whatever is bad they develop some crazy theories about who should be guilty for it.
Alty 💕投稿者
Exactly. They want to feel like they know more than others, but they do not want to go through the hassle of actually reading, finding out which sources are reliable, learning to understand technical jergon (or correct grammar and punctuation) so they start believing whatever they find on an easy read website. Or YouTube.
Mich Millner (puhn)
Alty 💕, the wisdom here breeds in the tea houses and the knowledge comes from the government controlled tv 😂. The only bookshops are those where they sell the material for the school; ofc big city’s excluded
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