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What Do You Think Will Happen With The World Record Egg?

Today is the day we find out what is inside the world record egg:

The hype around this casual picture of an egg was originally meant to beat Kylie Jenner's post for the most likes which they more than doubled at over 52 million likes. They have since capitalized on this success creating a marketing campaign showing new images of the egg cracking more and more. Just yesterday they revealed they would reveal everything following the super bowl exclusively on Hulu. So I believe Hulu won the bid war on this marketing opportunity, but I'm not sure how it will end. Was there another opportunity for what will come out of the egg? Will it be a new series or movie on Hulu or will Hulu just be the platform it's delivered on and it will actually be an influencer or product placement? I'm not sure. No one is really. However, given we will find out later today I wanted to get this posted and see what you all have to say about this and get some insights into what people anticipate or maybe what they want to see. If it's the winning team that comes out of the egg, it will be a fun celebration for the super bowl, but I assume the egg owner would want to capitalize more than that unless the NFL bid for it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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