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Growth Mindset Versus A Fixed Mindset

There are many differences between someone with a fixed mindset and someone with a growth mindset, but most of us have a mix of the two and many of us are unaware of the differences and associated behaviors. I talk about the main points around skills, challenges, effort, feedback, and setbacks. I’m not perfect and no one is otherwise their mindset would be fixed a.k.a not growing to be better. It’s important to reflect on fixed mindset behaviors so we can try to adjust and improve ourselves. Typically, you will see that those with fixed mindsets end up becoming apathetic, pessimistic, lethargic, unmotivated, discouraged, and unfulfilled while those who adamantly strive towards growing and improving are more optimistic, motivated, ambitious, passionate, encouraged, and fulfilled. It’s not that they were this way and then began to grow, it’s because they strive towards a growth mindset that they have gained the positive benefits of doing so. The reason I’m sharing this is because you too can benefit from trying to approach problems with a growth mindset. We know from evolution that the most evolved is not the strongest nor the smartest, but rather the most adapted.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Richard Benedict
Pro Creator
Exactly! Fixed mindset shut the doors to one's reasoning ability. Someone with fixed mindset will interrupt you abruptly when you are giving them a valuable piece of information and that in itself limits such person from progress and a constant negative mental attitude to just about anything. We all need growth in every ramifications of our life and it sure begins with our mindset. Great card @ Scott Cunningham.
Scott Cunningham
Pro Creator
Glad you enjoyed it mate! Yes and the most important thing to remember is that no one is perfect and we are always striving for the growth mindset. It's a process not a destination.
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