I want you to start off 2019 the best way possible. One of the best ways to start off your year is with your online and social presence. It’s a huge part of how you operate online and connect with the world. Currently major platforms have been attacking free speech and we’ve seen waves of censorship. I decided to do a massive comprehensive list and quick overview and summary of the many various platforms out there. You can join alternatives to Facebook, yes. I review those, but you’re better off getting ahead of the trend with the latest blockchain social platforms that in my opinion are better and offer more. So here I go through everything and give you my take and help you save loads of time deciding and researching. This by far took the most effort and time dedication out of all the content I’ve done in the past, so if this is valuable to you please give it a like, share it, and follow my content for more. I will end up doing comprehensive reviews on the better platforms and a revisit to see if any platforms on this list that I put down for potentially improving did get better or not. I will list below the various categories I’ve ended up sorting these platforms into with their name a little blurb as to why they are in that category and the link to them. I will jump through some examples in the video too. The formatting was too crazy for this long posts so please visit Minds or Steem as well as any other of my blogging platforms

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