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~~~ Overview ~~~ Canadian ❄🇨🇦 Blogger 📝 Vlogger ▶️ Podcaster 🎧 Entrepreneur​ 👔 Social Media Marketer 📲 Cryptocurrency Investor 💰 Social Blockchain Influencer 🌐 Philosopher ☯️ Content Creator 📝 ~~~ Topics I Cover ~~~ - Philosophy - Spirituality - Motivation & Success - Social Media - Cryptocurrency - Blockchain - Alternative News ~~~ Biography ~~~ I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on all the major platforms! I've also just started podcasting. I'm working to help teach people on there more about it. I also spend a great deal of time helping people grow their online presence and social media base. I'm enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and try to use my social media marketing skills to help better projects I believe in. I believe blockchain social media is the next frontier and opportunity to capitalize on. The main blockchain socials I use today are Lit, Minds, SOLA, Whaleshares, Weku, and Steem and want to work on more on-boarding for social agencies, brands, and influencers I am also a big believer in motivation, entrepreneurship, and philosophy. The main subjects I will cover are philosophy, cryptocurrency, blockchain, social media, and alternative news. Stay tuned! ~~ Social Media ~~ Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn - Steem - Minds - Whaleshares - WEKU - SOLA - Soundcloud Podcast - ~~~ Donate To Help Keep Me Going ~~~ ETH: 0x3fcb3018cbd53e0a6c93048eb5c7199487d7b7fe
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There has been calls for violence and much more for the group of students in Kentucky yesterday who were wearing MAGA hats waiting to go to their pro life protest. Before they were able to go they were harassed by a black Israelite group yelling homophobic remarks and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Later Nathan Phillips joins somewhat in favor of the black Israelite group given he claimed they had a mob mentality. The news and general reaction has been outrage at the kids for being disrespectful though they don't seem to do much wrong in the videos released. People have tried to dox these minors, get their names, and are openly calling for and encouraging violence against them. These children's lives are in danger because they were harassed and media outlets decided to only interview one single person from the incident being the native american man named Nathan Phillips. This is a very biased story and while the kids may have been disrespectful, the reaction and consequences suggested are extreme and unwarranted.


Here are some more logical fallacies for you to learn about! Educate yourself and others so we can have rational and productive discussion and avoid discourse.


There's been a lot of people saying that men are so privileged, and we have a responsibility to do better and be held more accountable, but the fact of the matter is men need your help not your advice.


Super happy to report I've reached 500 readers and I have over 2.5 million upvotes. I'm also a top author in every major category! It's all thanks to my readers and those on this platform that have supported me through and through. You are all so amazing and I will keep pushing to make better content everyday!


Hey everyone so this video is going to be a look at the current video hosting applications on blockchain platforms and what I recommend. There are so many applications and sites now, but the major lacking component to blockchain social spaces is an obvious replacement for YouTube. The main issue being that most blockchain and blockchain integrated platforms have blogs with video embedding that still only supports traditional platforms. This could be partially at fault on the video hosting applications for not making it very accessible as well as the platforms that aren't doing their part to push for blockchain and alternative video hosting synergy when it comes to embeds, link previews, etc.


In this video I talk about my thoughts on the controversial Gillette ad recently shared as a short film from my perspective as a marketer. It was obviously a bad move on their part as many are now calling to boycott them for alienating and lecturing their biggest audience. Companies that sell toiletries and things you don't worry too much about shouldn't be pushing ideological and political agendas and for the first time men are actually considering what razor to buy.

Comprehensive Blockchain & Alternative Social Platforms Review (Youtu)

This is a new cover example. I finally got some new photos to use that are easily twice as good of a resolution as my previous thumbnail photos. I have a bunch of poses I'll switch between, really trying get serious as a content creator


I was told to check out DailyMotion as a place to upload but they've already started age restricting my videos. It's like a shadow ban in a sense. Interesting that they did when I didn't swear or show anything NSFW. I simply spoke about why I think philosophy should be a major part of education. Clearly they don't want younger audiences hearing what they're missing out on in school. Thoughts?


You can only have a productive conversation and effectively debunk one side of the argument if and only if both sides in the argument agree that logic and knowledge are the most effective way to determining the best outcome or the most correct claim. Considering that isn't the case today, how can we have logical and rational discussions that are productive and avoid descending into discourse. We argue everyday and currently political debates are so prevalent in our day to day lives that a proper understanding of ethos and philosophy is critical to a functioning social system. What do you think?


Was DTube censored by Google? Google just alerted me that DTube is harmful and has forcefully disabled the application! Does anyone know what happened there? (other than obvious censorship)


This video is a bit of a recap from 2018 and what I plan to do in 2019. I started getting into cryptocurrency and blockchain social more specifically at the beginning of 2018 and since then I've started a podcast, blog, and vlog. I've also gotten myself to a higher level of influence on those platforms. I learned a great deal about social media and my eyes were opened to the corruption and censorship happening within the industry. 2019 is going to be a big year and there's a lot I want to do. The only thing that I know I really have to change is my mindset and stick with it. Let me know what your major wins were from 2018 and how you plan to take over 2019 and make it a big year!


Thoughts on my new thumbnail style? I will be getting a better resolution picture of myself to go with this new update too soon!


I don't think I ever shared that this is the setup I've been using to make music, do my podcasts, and pretty much everything. This is easily my best setup yet and I'm excited to make 2019 a big year. Get ready 🙏


What do you think of Tether? I'm not invested in any stable coins, but I'm debating it.


Given Bearshares was a scam. I'm dialing back my efforts on the other two Steem alts: Weku and Whaleshares. They have problems of their own too… Weku has had issues with people illegitimately using their bonus and selling Weku since it's not in exchanges and there is only one witness leaving it very vulnerable and somewhat centralized. Whaleshares has had different issues. Their witnesses were the only ones controlling bid bots (which seemed to be a conflict of interest) but was much worse was that they stopped supporting them after awhile. You had to buy their bit assets for their witness and then send them those coins for votes. The problem is they stopped accepting them without notice or stopped selling them. The main issue I had the biggest issue with was with the FSTFST coin or fiatsteem or "The Goon" on Discord. After purchasing a sum of his coin, he stopped supporting his witness account and I was left dumbfounded. I thought for awhile there must have been a mistake, but after seeing others complain and being ignored for a very long time by The Goon who I was previously in contact with. I've concluded that Whaleshares and Weku are not so ideal as once thought. Better I go through this experience and then share it with you rather than you having to though.


Watch out for - It's a Steem alternate and they clearly were unprepared and or are a scam. They went down and everyone lost their posts and cryptocurrency. You're better off using Steem or the alts Weku or Whaleshares instead. Plus my account is gone too. Cheers!


Check out my 13th logical fallacies post! Remember for your argument to be logical, THOU MUST NOT COMMIT LOGICAL FALLACIES!


Currently looking for new clients to take on for social media consulting, community management, or other marketing needs. I'm also interested in dedicating some free time to volunteering my services to charities and non-profits. Feel free to message me!


First I'd like to thank a troll on Minds for inspiring this content for today and making it easier for me. To trolls: thanks for all your help in marketing my content and helping me trend


I signed up on Vimeo to share my YouTube videos there given it seemed to be a decent alternative to YouTube in case something happened there and linked my YouTube. Either they weren't happy with my coverage of all the censorship going on or hated the fact I was using protonmail. They called my channel and videos that I hadn't even uploaded yet to their site "spam." I was naturally confused and tried to appeal it, but they didn't change their minds. I managed to make an account using a gmail email which I found very odd. Regardless this must be shared especially how expensive the plans are on Vimeo. Be warned!


You say you're looking for enlightenment and you're looking for something new? How can you ask for something when you don't know what it is?


My advice is don't take advice.


So far I have done a basic review of 50+ platforms. Still got a lot more to go and then I will release a comprehensive report and review of all the available platforms that utilize blockchain, champion free speech, or position themselves as an alternative to traditional social media platforms that censor and have political bias. Going to be an amazing resource for everyone when it's complete. I'm excited!

Censorship & Blockchain Integration On My Favorite Platforms (Youtu)

I'm not a happy camper because I was censored by Vimeo


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from me and my family 🎄🎅


Reached 2 million upvotes! You are all amazing and thank you so much for your continued support 😁 I couldn't do this without you ❤️


Just had a great call with Bill Ottman (the CEO of Minds) just now that really cleared up a lot of the rumors and misinformation floating around. We also talked about everything in store for the platform. Will get this ready for you soon! Lots of great stuff is in store for Minds


Fake news became spam and was ridden of or was it? Only obvious clickbait is gone, now we have moved into a society of hate news. People are reporting on issues with partisan reporting and our journalists are being activists. Hate related and controversial news is much easier to get views, trend, and monetize content. Buzzfeed and other leftist media outlets have been suffering. Buzzfeed even started selling branded cookware at walmart. It’s becoming more and more outrageous. I don’t know what the next phase will look like, but I’m concerned at the very least.

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