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Photo #1 from Parroquia Santa Teresa, Venezuela by Kaisat made on 2018-10-13 08:04 for Sola

BITCOIN PRICE WILL ROCK BETWEEN $ 6,500 AND $ 22,000 IN 2018 ACCORDING TO WALL STREET ANALYST Nick Colas, Wall Street analyst and co-founder of DataTrek, maintains in a note that the price of bitcoin is ranging between 6,500 and 22,000 dollars during 2018. The analysis and the affirmation of relations with the public have been made known through the CNBC chain and the official website of the company of which it is co-founder, DataTrek Research; which is responsible for providing services related to data analysis and investment. At this moment, the first publication has shot up more than 1,600% throughout 2017. In recent days, the bitcoin price fell along with the cryptocurrency market in general, to settle at $ 11,000, through $ 20,000 when the future bitcon contracts were launched by the CME Group. By the time their opinions were issued, the price was around $ 15,700 per BTC. Thus, the analyst calculates a range of prices that will remain at a minimum of $ 6,500 and a maximum of $ 22,000 per BTC for the coming year, while "a price of $ 14,035, in fact, at the time of writing its value is at $ 15,167.10 per unit according to CoinMarketCap, what Colas says is reassuring and that is in the way of its valuation.In the words of the analyst: In another of his predictions for 2018 Bitcoin, the financial analyst for next year a bitcoin awaits at least 4 strong declines of 40% or more. It should be noted that Nick Colas has been following the bitcoin movement for at least four years. In its analysis, we compared the value of the cryptocurrency with the use, issuance and circulation of the $ 100 bill, in view of the use that is used as a kind of protection for the savings of its capabilities in countries with a high and constant inflation. The experts reached the conclusions. It is also valid the year 2017, year of successes and several remarkable historical highs for the first publication in the market, and also for its volatility, also for the maintenance and maintenance in the first place. in the market, as recognition by people belonging to and outside the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies.

In short: bitcoin can reach $ 22,000 and still have a reasonable price, or go down to $ 6,500 and also be correctly valued (…) We hope to see the bitcoin being exchanged at both prices in 2018 a 2019…

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Venezuela, Parroquia Santa Teresa
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