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Alty 💕
Photo #1 from Torre Caracciolo, Italy by Alty 💕 made on 2016-11-23 21:45 for Sola

This is Martin

I found him today at the place where I work

Photo #2 from Torre Caracciolo, Italy by Alty 💕 made on 2016-11-23 21:45 for Sola

He's got a crippled leg

Photo #3 from Torre Caracciolo, Italy by Alty 💕 made on 2016-11-23 21:45 for Sola

Took him home. He's a very sweet dog...

Photo #4 from Torre Caracciolo, Italy by Alty 💕 made on 2016-11-23 21:45 for Sola

But my cat doesn't like him too much

Photo #5 from Torre Caracciolo, Italy by Alty 💕 made on 2016-11-23 21:45 for Sola

I'm hoping to find him a nice home

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Italy, Torre Caracciolo
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Keep him (:
๒lยє lยภคг รt๏г๓
^ yes keep him. He came to you
Alty 💕投稿者
I really wish I could, but my family doesn't seem to agree, and I'm not sure I'd know how to take care of him 😔
Alty 💕, he loves you though.
Alty 💕, you feed him take him for poops walks and water him.
Alty 💕投稿者
FULGRIM, he doesn't walk much. He might need surgery. And I've never had a dog before 😳 I'm so afraid of taking bad care of him. He's well trained, I took him out today before bedtime and he did all his business. He understands when I tell him no and gets quiet...I really wish I could keep him.
Alty 💕, looking after a dog is not difficult. Since he's already house trained, he'll let you know when he wants something, doesn't take long to work out if he needs the toilet (besides if you get them into routine is just first thing in the morning after feeding, and then in the evening after feeding). Seems you should keep him unless you can't afford to have his leg fixed. However, if you cannot, let me know how much it would cost and I'll happily help if I can afford to.
Enes 🔥🔥🎆🎆
Pro Creator
Awww thats so nice of u <3 :D
Your cat will get used to him if your kind soul keeps him 😀
You are an Angel. Smile now, lucky dog.
Alty 💕投稿者
Aw 😳 . Nah, I know many people who have done acts of kindness like this, I just thought of them and did the right thing.
Alty 💕投稿者
They say he looks like a pitbull. I really wouldn't know if he's pure breed or a mix. I'll ask the vet tomorrow.
A very nice and interesting mix 😃
He looks just like my greyhound pitbull mix.
Alty 💕投稿者
Acer, I've looked at pics of greyhounds and that's very possible!
Alty 💕, the shape of the head makes me think more of a labrador than a pitbull. The nose and crown of the head seem to pointy
No way he's a pitbull with that snout. Half maybe, but not a pitbull
Alty 💕投稿者
I'm so sad right now. Earlier today I sat on the floor and looked at him play and it made me cry. He saw me sobbing and came to put his head in my lap. I know dogs do that, but living it was just heartbreaking
Awww! Hello Martin!💕❤️🐶❤️
B Samson [WildFyre]
What needs to be done with his leg? GoFundMe?
くまっこ🐻 a.k.a. Kotomi
Awww you are kind sweet dog
God bless you !
Pro Creator
Oh, this is heartbreaking. But I won't tell you to keep him. It's such a huge responsibility. It really has to fit your life. You deserve thousands of karma points just for taking him with you and taking care of this poor creature. Trying to find a new home is the right idea, I guess. I really admire you for what you do for Martin.
Hope that isn't from animal abuse. These people use dogs In dog fights etc
Evil Russian 😈
You have a big big heart! 💞
Activist Goat
Pro Creator
Keep him, lose the cat!
Don't lose the cat , keep him !!!
Alty 💕投稿者
You're all extremely sweet. Martin went to the vet with my brother this morning. He's a 2 months old rednose pitbull, and he suffers from a very common and easily solvable condition of the muscles/tendons. He was probably living in a home until they discovered the issue (which can appear suddenly at his age), and abandoned like a broken toy. They didn't even bother to take him to the vet, or they would have known he just needed rest and good food.
Alty 💕投稿者
We don't think he's going to need surgery but we might ask for a second opinion just in case
Alty 💕投稿者
Today I'm going to get Martin microchipped. I'll see if he needs any vaccinations and all that. I'm still not hoping to keep him but he needs to have the best home and getting all the work done (training, microchip, health check etc) is the best way to attract perspective "parents" who care about having a healthy dog rather than just a pretty one.
Alty 💕投稿者
His documents now say that he's a ginger and white dog 😍
📝 in a bottle
Good luck - a sweet thing to do
Cookie Beach •plz•
Black Widow (Missy)
Martin is adorable! I wish I could have him.
Alty 💕投稿者
Missy, oh Missy, I wish I could send him to you. He would be so happy in a home with a good mummy and a kid. He has already done so much for my mood, my depression has disappeared, my anxieties about stupid things like work have no place in my head anymore. I wish I could keep him, I'm in love with him, everyone who's seen the pictures I posted on Facebook says the same, that we found each other, but my family won't accept him. I'm crying as I type this. I wish I knew what to do. I just want him to have someone who loves him the way I do.
Black Widow (Missy)
Awww I'm sorry to hear that. He came into your life for a reason, treasure those moments. I'm sure you'll find a lovely home for him. He would've been well loved with my little family here, we're all animal people.
Alty 💕投稿者
New update on Martin (now Shura). He is soooooo happy and I'm soooo happy for him. And I definitely found some very good friends
Good job Alty
Nice to see you found a nice home for him
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