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St. George and the Dragon - tried to make it ‘medieval’ looking, but still messed up the wings… oh well 😩

Dragons have always been one of the most famous of mythological beasts. Seen as evil and dangerous creatures, any who killed them were hailed as heroes.

But did dragons ever exist?

Well… probably not 😂 But who knows? Every story has a kernel of truth ;)

It has been theorised that when dinosaur fossils were found, the people in those times believed they were the remains of terrifying beasts - aka, the dragons.

‘Dragons’, or types thereof, are different in parts of the world. For example in Asia (such as the Chinese dragon) it has more of a lengthened body and very short limbs, and most importantly, it wasn’t seen as evil.

In Mid-South America, Quetzalcoatl is the closest resembling being to a dragon, and it was literally a God. Though we gotta remember for them it was simply a giant flying snake 😬

In Europe, if we look at medieval and other paintings, there’s many variations of how dragons are depicted. Some are large and ‘dragon-looking’ (how today we see dragons: they blow fire, have wings, and razor sharp teeth). Others are actually… puny in comparison. They’re more the size of a large iguana, and very serpentine in body type.

Does this mean that there were different types of dragons? Hmm, more likely nobody had actually seen one, so their appearance was largely left to interpretation 😬

As stated before, dragons were seen as evil, which is associated with the Devil, snakes, Hellfire, blah blah blah… hence, painters were nearly in a competition of who could depict the most evil-looking dragons. So lo and behold! Some have horns, some have leathery wings, some spew fire, some have a snake-like body, some have evil red eyes… and surprise surprise! Some have all of them!

It’s curious to see, though, how in all those three examples of ‘dragons’ throughout the world (the Chinese one, Quetzacoatl and the European one) they ALL are able to fly.

Why were all those cultures obsessed with reptilians that could fly? Would it go back to the theory that finding dinosaur fossils (such as a pterodactyl) was the base to how ‘dragons and company’ were created?

Curious to hear people’s thoughts 😁

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It’s certainly very interesting... in China they call fossils dragon bones, and the origin of the Griffin guarding gold is meant to originate in a Syrian gold mine that also contains fossils of protoceratops, which has a few of the characteristics of lions and eagles seen in a griffin. The symbolism of serpents and dragons is quite interesting as well. Especially when compared with another common mythical monster, the giant bird of prey. It seems there is a slot in our instincts to fear large reptiles...
Ohhh, didn’t know about the Griffin thing... it seems even more mythological creatures seem to come from fossils 🤔
flack, ohhhh, thanks, me love a bit of reading 🤓
flack, oh wow, just read the article, and I can’t believe griffins were even as old as 15 BC 😱😱😱
Bravefoot, :)
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